Nerd Barrage Builds: Chocolate Dice

Jenn and Bonita roll the dice in their latest geeky DIY…chocolate dice that is. Wanna surprise your sweetie with some sweets for Valentine’s Day or for a romantic occasion? Check out how Nerd Barrage Builds it. Here’s what you need:  Food-safe Silicone Mold Kit Dice (with embossed numbering) Chocolate/Candy boxes Decorations and Filler Measuring Spoons Measuring Cups (glass) Toothpicks Melting Candy and/or Chocolate chips Watch the video for instructions!

Nerd Barrage Builds: Ugly Sweaters

There is nothing quite like an ugly sweater for your upcoming holiday festivities….unless you put a nerdy twist on it. Then it’s something extra special! Watch the video for instructions!

Nerd Barrage Builds : Magic Wands

Our very first episode of Nerd Barrage Builds! For this video we created Harry Potter inspired wands in anticipation of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them release! Here is a list of what we used: Chopsticks Hot glue gun & glue sticks A variety of beads and embellishments Box knife of scissors Paints & brushes Watch the video for instructions!

6 Simple Nerdy Costumes for Halloween

The air is getting chilly, darkness is falling a little sooner and basics everywhere are filling your social media feed with posts about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Fall is officially here! While some stores are already fanning the Christmas fires, we here at Nerd Barrage prefer to embrace the fear and fantasy of autumn’s true gem; Halloween. By now it’s no secret that we’re a little into cosplay (have you seen our unboxing videos?), so our
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