Gifts for Your Geeky Girlfriend / Boyfriend

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Hello again, clueless shoppers!

So you’ve won the nerd lottery and your significant other is a fellow geek? Grats!

I know that Valentine’s day can sometimes send people into a bit of a stress-induced panic, but that’s why we’re here to help! Below you’ll find our top 5 picks for the special geeky guy or gal in your life!

For your Geeky Girlfriend:

Solar System Necklace
Some guys promise their lady the moon. Screw that. Get her the whole Solar System!!! Any sci-fi or science aficionado will love this whimsical piece.

Boba Fett Wallet
She needs somewhere to store the bounties she collects. Loungefly actually has a huge collection of awesome geeky wallets sure to suit any taste. My favorites are Boba Fett, this Stormtrooper, Black Widow and Captain Marvel.

Espionage Cosmetics
This company is not only cruelty free, but full of totally unique products with a nerdy spin. Might I recommend some nail-wraps from her favorite fandom or they’re ever popular Browncoats Eyeshadow collection?

Jedi/Empire Stainless Steel Cut-out Rings –
Which side does your beloved prefer? Give her a subtle way to let everyone know with one of these stainless steel rings!

Horcrux Bookmark Collection
If your lady is a Harry Potter fan, chances are she’s a reader. What better way to combine those two joys than with this gorgeous collection of Horcruxes? (Bonus points if you get her a copy of a new book you think she might enjoy as well!)

For your Nerdy Boyfriend:

Chainmail Dice Pouch
Because you’re not a real dragon slayer until you’ve got some mail. This hefty bag will make him the envy of his gaming table.

GoT House Sigil Stein
There is no doubt in my mind that your GoT fan has got a favorite house. So get him an awesome drinking vessel to showcase it. (Bonus points for adding in a six-pack of his favorite brew or maybe even a mix of new beers for him to try.)

Yeti Heated Footwarmers and Handwarmers
If your guy is constantly on the computer, he might enjoy a little extra warmth. These slippers and gloves attach via USB so your guy can really turn up the heat while creating code (or playing Overwatch…whichever).

Flux Capacitor Watch
You won’t need roads where you’re going….but you should probably take a watch. And what better watch to take than this one? Doc Brown would approve.

Legend of Zelda Robe
It’s dangerous to go it alone….and naked. Here take this robe! Let him channel his inner Link every morning with this super plushy robe. Maybe even add on some adorable 8-bit heart shaped soap to let him know you really love him.


Here are some gifts that would be great for both of you to enjoy together!

An Awesome Lego Set –
Not only is this a super fun gift, it also gives you an opportunity for some quality one-on-one time. Pour some wine (or your beverage of choice) turn on some smooth R&B and make a romantic date night out of it!

A New Board Game –
Or, make your evening competitive instead. Loser has to do the dishes…or something a little more X-rated if you’re willing to raise the stakes that high *wink*wink*


So there you have it! Some of our top choices. We hope this helps keep you outta the dog house this February 14th! Now go forth and spread love! <3

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