8 Gifts Every Geek Would Love to Get!

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Okay folks. Thanksgiving is officially over so America can start to focus on what’s really important: commercialism! As of today there are officially 24-ish shopping days left until Christmas. But that’s okay! Let’s not start rioting in the streets or anything…

So, with just under a month left to shop, what do you buy for the nerd that has it all?! Or….the one that won’t actually come out and tell you what they’d like. They just say incredibly unhelpful, albeit polite things like, “Oh, I’m sure I’ll love whatever you get me” or “I don’t know, I don’t need anything.”

Whatta buncha jerks.

Even Riker is annoyed. So, for those jerks, we’ve compiled a list of items (with convenient links, because we care about you) sure to please any geek you may be buying for this year!

    1. A prepaid subscription to a monthly t-shirt box! – This is pretty much the gift that keeps on giving. And much better than a “Jelly-of-the-Month” club.teeblox Teeblox even has a super simple method for anyone buying gifts. You just need to have their size and a vague idea of your recipient’s geeky interests. Options range from Sci-Fi to specifically Marvel or DC. You can choose from a single box to longer increments of 3, 6 or 12 months. All of their shirts are officially licensed products and any geek would be proud to wear them!
    2. The Backpack of Holding – Okay, stay with me here. You’re probably thinking, “A backpack?! For the adult geek on my list?! That’s backpack-of-holdingsilly” but I promise, every geek you know is already familiar with this amazing contraption. Hell, I’d bet that they’ve probably had it in their ThinkGeek cart once or twice but didn’t pull that trigger. Lugging games, dice and booze from one friend’s house to the next can get a little taxing without the proper equipment. Fortunately this bag provides endless item slots! It also comes in a very stylish handbag. (Which is the greatest purse I’ve ever owned in my life. Seriously, I’m endorsing this because I have it and love it so much!)
    3. Iron Man Helmet – This one is pretty much a sure-fire win. Few are the geeks who aren’t Avengers fans. And coming in at just under $70, this helmet is definitely going to bring iron-man-helmetout their inner-Tony Stark. This gorgeous piece is totally wearable with adjustable straps and a removable face plate. Plus, for added badassery, the eyes light up with two dimming options and it makes three different sounds. How freaking cool is that?! If you get this for your geek, I promise they’ll be wearing it around the house when they’re home alone.
    4. Custom Dice/Deck Box from DogMight – These bad boys have got to be one of the most impressive items we’ve ever seen. DogMight makes insanely gorgeous and super handy boxes called Dragon Sheaths dogmight-casefor storing and organizing a gamer’s gear. You can pick from a variety of slot configurations, wood varieties and beautifully detailed designs for the top and/or bottoms of your sheath. They are sure to wow any RPG player on your list. Unfortunately, because these items are hand-crafted to order, it’s too late to get one of their custom designs for Christmas. You can, however, always purchase one of their in-stock items that is readily available. But I think these are badass enough to justify a bit of a wait.
    5. Back to the Future II DeLorean Time Machine – This one is heavy, Doc. Yet another awesome gift that I can personally vouch for. Diamond deloreanSelect knocked it out of the park with this replica. The doors swing open to accommodate your rad Marty and Doc Brown figurines. And it even comes equipped with it’s own Mr. Fusion! This bad boy is so elaborate that, with the push of a button, the Flux Capacitor lights up and the engine makes a variety of sounds. It. Is. Awesome! I promise, if you have a 80’s nerd in your life, they’re gonna find some prime shelf space for this DeLorean.
    6. Nintendo NES Classic – On the off-chance that your geek would prefer to have a gift with a bit more functionality, one of the most popular gifts this year is definitely going to be the Nintendo NES Classic. It’s a nes-classic-editionmodern throwback to the game-system that rocked the world. The new NES is much smaller than it’s namesake and boasts modern connections so that they can hook it up to their HDTV and enjoy every pixel of those 8-bit games! The system comes equipped with 30 classic NES games for some serious nostalgia. *Please, be aware that this is an extremely HOT BUY this year. If you can’t find it somewhere for the MSRP of about $60, you probably don’t need it. Just wait.
    7. Collector’s Edition Books – If you’ve got a book nerd on your list nothing will do but a new book. Now, your reader will likely be satisfied with almost any book you might buy barnes-and-noblethem, but AVOID TWILIGHT AND 50 SHADES OF GREY – These will anger your book nerd and he/she may begin ranting at length about the decline of literacy in America. Instead, might I recommend one of the gorgeous, leather-bound items in the Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition series? These books are beautifully bound and feature gilded pages and silk-ribbon bookmarks. I may or may not own 5 already and I am definitely in need of more. These are extremely well priced at under $20 each and are sure to be showcased on your book-lover’s shelves.
    8. A Nerdy Welcome Mat – What better way to warn guests that a total geek welcome-matlives just inside than a welcome mat displaying a beloved fandom? One of my personal favorites is the classic “Speak Friend and Enter” from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but you know your nerd best. Find something that will add a little of their own special personality to their entry way. They’ll probably never expect a doormat for Christmas…but they’ll love it all the same.

See that?! We made is easy for you! And I can honestly say there is not a single thing on this list that I wouldn’t love to find under my tree. (HINT, HINT!) So get out there and get to shopping – and by that, I mean to say: stay inside and shop from your bed because I’m pretty sure it would make your nerd proud.

Stay tuned for our upcoming list of awesome Geeky Stocking Stuffers and our Gift Guide for your Nerdy SO!

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