6 Simple Nerdy Costumes for Halloween

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The air is getting chilly, darkness is falling a little sooner and basics everywhere are filling your social media feed with posts about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Fall is officially here!

While some stores are already fanning the Christmas fires, we here at Nerd Barrage prefer to embrace the fear and fantasy of autumn’s true gem; Halloween. By now it’s no secret that we’re a little into cosplay (have you seen our unboxing videos?), so our costume closets are fairly well stocked. But what’s a nerd to do when they don’t have a bevvy of geeky duds at their fingertips? Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

We’ve assembled a list of 6 great nerdy costumes that even the least crafty among us can manage. Check em out:


1. Jessica Jones (Marvel) How could you not want to channel this badass babe? Pair some worn light denim jeans with your most kick-ass motorcycle boots and a lived-in dark t-shirt. Plus, since the weather is chilly, a black leather jacket, chunky grey infinity scarf and black fingerless gloves make for a perfect way to keep warm. Bonus points for whipping out a bottle of whiskey whenever the thirst strikes.


2. Captain Hammer (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) For everyone’s favorite Corporate Tool, pair this t-shirt (of if you’re feeling particularly awesome, grab some fabric paint and make your own!) with some cargo pants. Add black combat boots and some oversized rubber gloves and you’re ready to fight the homeless…..ness problem that plagues your city!


3. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) Katniss’s original arena outfit is about as simple as Cinna ever gets. All this requires is some green cargo pants, a black v-neck tee, a pair of brown mid-calf boots and a black rain katniss-everdeenjacket. Don’t forget to top it with Katniss’s signature dutch braid (here is the tutorial I found easiest to follow when I did my cosplay!) and a mockingjay pin for authenticity. If you want to carry accessories, a bow and arrows is the obvious choice. Easy.


clark-on-the-dance-floor-part-24. Clark Kent (Superman) A no-brainer in the world of simple costumes, Kent is a pretty average dude to the untrained eye. Toss on your favorite button up shirt over a basic Superman tee. Add a suit jacket, tie, glasses, and toss in some detail with a notepad or journal. If you’ve got the drive and the means, I recommend creating a fake Daily Planet press pass to accompany your ensemble. How else do you plan on being able to cover all the best parties?


5. River Tam (Firefly) This one is ready in no time! Hit up your local thrift shop for a flouncy pink skirt and an oversized chunky sweater. Toss on some combat boots and let that hair of yours do whatever it does. (River isn’t the type to over think her hairstyles). Now have fun interjecting all manner of morbid and creepifying things into your conversation all night. (Btw, stuffed cow could be added as a pretty fantastic nod to one of my personal favorite scenes!)


6. Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead) There is a very important aspect to this costume: DON’T BE A DICK ABOUT SPOILERS!! (You know what I’m talking about.) The most instantly recognizable Glenn costume is going to be from the earliest seasons/comic books, so you’re going to start with a pretty basic dark jeans and tee combo. Slip on your sneakers and button-up baseball tee. Don’t forget your red ball-cap and backpack. For the final touch, dirty yourself up a bit with some brown eye shadows or glenn-rheedark bronzer (use matte makeups…dirt doesn’t sparkle)… maybe even a bit of brown paint. My final bit of advice would be to keep away from all of the Negan costumes I’m sure you’ll see…… O.o


Be sure to show us what you wear! Use #NBHalloween to tag us on Instagram and Twitter! Have fun and be safe!

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